What Are the IMG Opportunities?

As IMG brokers, WE all have three (3) Opportunities:

1) Financial Literacy: we have the opportunity to master financial management & investments, become our own financial adviser, and not rely on others to plan for our financial future.

“Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

2) Bypass the Middleman: while we become more financially literate, we also have the opportunity to gain direct access to the financial industry by becoming our own broker. Whatever financial product we need, we buy from ourselves and get the commissions.

“Bypassing the middleman is one of the greatest secrets of the rich…They just let their money go around, and never go through a middleman.”

and lastly,

3) Entrepreneurship: we also have the opportunity to increase our cash flow by building our own brokerage business in the biggest industry in the world—the Financial Industry. And in the process, we have the opportunity to educate more people and help change people’s lives.

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