Here is the List of IMG Wealth Academy Series

As an IMG Member, you can attend the following seminars for FREE. (Actually you have paid this with your membership Fee). As what we have told you in my previous post IMG Opportunities. In IMG you will be financially literate.

So here are the list of seminars that you can attend.

Things you will learn in this series:
• The X-Curve Concept: The Blueprint of Financial Planning
• The Six (6) Steps to Financial Freedom
• How Money Works
• How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
• How to Create Millions with P1,000/month investment

Things you will learn in this series:
• The Different Sources of Passive Income
• How to Create Multiple Passive Income Streams
• Investment Vehicles and Strategies
• How to Become Your Own Financial Expert / Adviser
• Simple Do-It-Yourself Financial Check-up

Some of the higher series seminars include:
• How To Get Out of the Debt Trap
• Successful Investment Principles
• The Spiritual Side of Money
• Guide to Estate Planning
• Your Greatest Asset: Proper Health Management

Here’s an outline of the series:

Series 1: Money Management Strategies
Series 2: Finance and Investment 101
Series 3: Creating Multiple Passive Income Streams
Series 4: Upstart School (Compensation, Promotion Guidelines, & System)
Series 5: Train The Trainees – Business Format System
Series 6: General Concepts of Investment and Insurance
Series 7: The Do-It-Yourself Financial Check-up
Series 8: Builder’s Mindset – Achieving Enduring and Lasting Success
Series 9: Building Multiple Outlets Business
Series 10: Distinctions in the Mind of Winners vs Losers
Series 11: Winning BIG in Life
Series 12: The Spiritual Side of Money
Series 13: What It Takes To Be Great
Series 14: The Winning Principles
Series 15: The Holy Use of Money (by Fr. Philip Bersabe)
Series 16: Estate Planning (by Atty. Tina Navarro)
Series 17: Financial Check-up and Review Workshop
Series 18: Health Management
Series 19: Developing Your Best Product = YOU
Series 20: Train The Trainers

In addition to the above mentioned seminars they are some seminars being conducted overseas for IMG achievers.