I just saw this news in My ColFinancial Dashboard:

Inflation climbs to 4.9% in July
The NSO reported that inflation rose to 4.9% in July, the fastest rate of inflation since November  2011. This brought year-to-date inflation to 4.3%, still within the BSP’s projected range of 3-5% for  2014. The acceleration in inflation was largely due to food and non-alcoholic beverages with prices  rising by 8.2% during the month. (source: NSO)

It only means that the value of your money decreases by almost 4.9% this month. So if you are invested in banks giving 1.5% interest, you are automatically loosing due to the inflation. The Investor’s aim is to get interest higher that inflation. So better start learning.

Invest and Do not gamble, Learn first. happy Investing