Learn What IMG Can Do For You

IMG is probably new to you, and you don’t have any idea about the company. first of all I belong to the Truly Rich Maker Group of IMG, I am working in Saudi Arabia as a Mechanical Engineer (in short, OFW), when suddenly I came to know about IMG.

I became interested when an IMG Associate presented me the vision of IMG.

They told me that they want to convert people from SPENDERS to SAVERS to INVESTORS to ENTREPRENEURS.

I was once a Spenders and I realize that I need to learn about Financial Literacy to have a better future.

We at IMG we want to change the saying that “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

We also believe that :

“the average person, even the poor, has an equal chance to become wealthy if given the RIGHT INFORMATION.”

It is all a matter of mindset…

If you want to stay poor you will be poor for life.. if you want to take step to be wealthy, you could be wealthy but you need to take step..



  • Learn to be your own FINANCIAL ADVISER
  • Learn how to manage your money
  • Get out of DEBTS! Make money work for you


  • Develop the habit for the STEPS AND CONCEPTS to be introduced

3. Direct Access to Financial Services Companies

  • Receive first hand information
  • Be Your Own Broker and earn from your own needs

4. Investment and Business Opportunity

  • Invest in top companies in respective industries
  • Business opportunity towards PASSIVE INCOME
  • DEBTS! Make money work for you

In our next post we will show you DATA and Information about the present Filipino situation in Financial Literacy.

10 thoughts on “Learn What IMG Can Do For You

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  2. I need to take charge of my own life, especially when it comes to my finances. I should make my money work for me, not against me. I should direct my money where to go instead of just wondering where did they all go.

    • @Joshua,

      Agreed, your money should work for you and you should direct your money where to go. This is the main philosophy of IMG, to teach people who do not know what they are doing and just wasting their hard earned money.

  3. I am interested in becoming one of the associates here in the US. Can somebody direct me to the right person on how I could have some access to some training materials?

      • Hi paano po ba ang I.M.G. paano ba ang IMG?. Gusto ko po sana mag join. Nakaka motivate ung mga details nyo. Please send po ng details sa email ko or pakicontact po dito sa viber/whatsapp ko +971 504 939798.
        Thanks po

          • Hi po, panu po ba magpamember member ng img?
            Ano po requirements?
            Ka pag member ako at kumuha ng plan sa philmlife, may discount po b ako? At ano pa po ang inang benefits!? Thanks

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