Definition of Terms:

Referrer – A member of IMG referring a recruit to a Custodian (Receiving MD). Referee (New Recruit) – The recruit being referred by the Referrer. Custodian (Receiving MD) – A local MD, building direct in a local country, province, city or office.


To become a Referrer, he / she must be a member and duly licensed with International Marketing Group (IMG).

Any member can be a Referrer even Training Associate is allowed, but only an MD & above position can become the Custodian being referred to by the Referrer.

Referrer must respect all the organization’s hierarchy structure used by IMG and its affiliates.

Referrer must refer his Prospect (Referee) to the CLOSEST qualified up line in his hierarchical organization as the Custodian. When there is no one building direct in the hierarchical organization where the Referrer belongs, then he has the freedom to choose any Marketing Director to become the (Custodian) of his recruit. If there is no Custodian to be appointed, the Referee will be temporarily pointed under the IMG Direct Code, until a Custodian is assigned.

The Referrer will earn 50% of the income commission of the receiving Custodian including points and recruits.


A Custodian is a local MD or above position, who is qualified to building direct, pays all the necessary fees including paying the local plug-in fees and table rental, etc.

The new recruit being referred will become the base shop of the Custodian.

The Custodian will build and train the new recruit as part of his / her base shop (TEAM). All contests, promotions, commissions and points will be credited as 50/50 with the Referrer. When the new recruit is promoted to MD by the Custodian, the Referrer and Custodian will continue to share 50/50on the income generated including all replacement legs on the entire team.

HIERARCHY BUILDER – has a hierarchy that is Building Direct in a particular country such as the Philippines. He is allowed to Earn Generation Overrides from his hierarchy, but does not build a base shop.


– Must go to the country where his/her hierarchy is building at least two(2) times a year on an official visit.- No need to pay plug-in fee- No need to pay table fee- No need to pay any local office fee

Forms must be duly accomplished – signed by the Referee, Referrer, & Referrer’s MD, Referrer’s CEO, Custodian, Custodian’s MD and Custodian’s CEO.

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