How much is the initial Investment at IMG?

The common question that I do encounter with people whom I am discussing about IMG is the amount of Initial Investment, it is always directed to that question without even asking what the product is involve or even the philosophy involved behind IMG. So I am making this post to respond to that question.

How much do we really need to start with IMG Business?

Well there are 2 parts of the answer and here it is. The first part is to pay the membership fee of IMG were cost differs with reference to the location.

Membership Fee

At present here is the rate in each country:

  •                 US – USD 135 (One time joining fee for US based members)
  •                 CAD – CAD 145 (One time joining fee for CANADA based members)


  •                 PH – PHP 3,700 (One-time joining fee for PHILIPPINE local members)   
  •                 HK – HKD 950 (One-time joining fee for HONGKONG based members)
  •                 MCU – MOP 950 (One-time joining fee for MACAU based members)
  •                 SGP – SGD 200 (One-time joining fee for SINGAPORE based members)
  •                 AU – USD 140 (One-time joining fee for AUSTRALIA based members)
  •                 TWN – NT 4000 (One-time joining fee for TAIWAN based members)
  •                 JPN – USD 150 (One-time joining fee for JAPAN based members)
  •                 IN – USD 140 (One-time joining fee for INDONESIA based members)
  •                 THA – USD 140 (One-time joining fee for THAILAND based members)
  •                 KH – USD 125 (One-time joining fee for CAMBODIA based members)
  •                 ML – USD 140 (One-time joining fee for MALAYSIA based members)


  •                 UAE – DH 500 (One time joining fee for UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) based members)
  •                 BN – USD 125 (One time joining fee for BRUNEI based members)
  •                 QAT – QAR 500 (One time joining fee for QATAR based members)
  •                 ME – DNR 60 (One time joining fee for BAHRAIN based members)
  •                 ME – SAR 500 (One-time joining fee for JEDAH & SAUDI ARABIA based members)          
  •                 ME – USD 125 (One time joining fee for KUWAIT & OMAN based members)
  •                 ME – USD 140 (One time joining fee for ISRAEL based members)


  •                 EU – EURO 120 (One time joining fee for ROME, MILAN & ITALY based members)
  •                 EU – EURO 150 (One time joining fee for FRANCE based members)
  •                 EU – EURO 100 (One time joining fee for SPAIN based members)
  •                 EU – EURO 100 (One-time joining fee GREECE-based members)
  •                 EU – POUND 70 (One-time joining fee for LONDON -based members)
  •                 EU – DKK 900 (One-time joining fee for DENMARK -based members)
  •                 EU – NOK 855 (One-time joining fee for NORWAY -based members)
  •                 EU – SEK 1050 (One-time joining fee for SWEDEN -based members)
  •                 EU – EURO 130 (One-time joining fee for IRELAND -based members)

The above mentioned rate is the payment fee in different location. You may pay membership Fee via online using your credit card or PayPal. For me , I paid 500 riyals since I am based in Saudi Arabia. Those payment above will make you eligible to attend seminars exclusive for IMG members in Philippines and other part of the world.

Here are the list of places were this seminars are normally conducted: Check the list of wealth seminars series through the link.


  • Makati City, Metro Manila
  • Dasmarinas, Cavite
  • San Pablo City, Laguna
  • Naga City, Camarines Sur
  • Baler, Aurora
  • Tacloban City, Leyte
  • Cagayan De Oro City
  • Iligan City, Lanao del Norte
  • Cebu City
  • Davao City
  • General Santos City


  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Brunei

If your place is not listed above, don’t worry our friendly IMG member will be able to attend to your needs.

So What is the next Part of the Fee?

The next part is actually voluntary if you want to start investing and having health protect. But it is compulsory if you want to earn. IMG believes that you should practice what you preach. You need to have a Kaiser Plan before you could start earning from your own investment or referrals. The lowest amount that you can pay are as follows.

K35 shall mean that the Long Term Health Care Benefits is equivalent to Php 35,000

  • K35 – Monthly Payment for 5 years @ Php 2,289 / month
  • K35 – Quarterly Payment for 5 years @ Php 6,639 / quarter
  • K35 – Semi Annual Payment for 5 years @ Php 12,360 / 6 mos
  • K35 –Annual Payment for 5 years @ Php 22,888 / 6 mos
  • Note : an additional 500 per year policy is also to be paid.

For me, I choose K50 with 50,000 long term health care benefits at SEMI – Annual. If you want to have a quotation, just fill up the form below and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

The Total Amount

The total amount will really depend on the plan that you will get from Kaiser, but remember upon getting Kaiser you are now starting to invest for your long term health care. That is why we call it First level of Investment.


In every business there is start-up capital. And I believe that less than Php 20,000 capital that I invested in this company is really worth the amount. I am getting my protection, and I am getting my investment for my old age.

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