How IMG (International Marketing Group) Paid my Credit Card

It is not literal that IMG went to my Credit Card Company and paid off my debt. So here is my story.

I became a member of IMG (International Marketing Group) last year just to have an additional diversified investment, by that time I did not know that I could also earn from sharing their vision and teaching about financial matters. By that time I do not know that I need to pay off first my debt before getting into investment.

After a year I have closed about 14 clients and from those clients I was able to get 20% or 30% from their 1st year payment. I never forced them to be with IMG but what I told them is the importance of investing. Now most of them are invested in Kaiser, Mutual Funds and Stock Market.

Moving them spenders to savers is really great. Some of them have already earned from the commission that they get from their own investment like mutual funds and Term Life Insurance.

Every time I have my commissions they transfer the money through my VISA card, and since I am abroad, I access the VISA card through online. I then make payments transfer to my Citibank Credit Card. Through this method I was able to clear up my debt in credit card.

It is what I call, increase cash flow. By increasing the cash flow it will help meet goals and vision in life.

Once I saw this quotation:

It is better to increase cash flow than to cut our dreams.

Now, what I am going to do is to transfer my IMG earning to my Mutual Funds, so that my extra income from IMG could help me in the future. It can be my retirement fund.

I am for long term investment therefore I will put extra income into Equity Fund from Phil Equity. As an IMG broker, I could also earn from commission through my own mutual fund investment. I will get a percentage from the broker’s fee that was supposed to be received by the broker.

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