How To Earn As Broker of International Marketing Group

You can earn as broker of International Marketing Group, if you are a member of IMG and if you are a holder of Kaiser Long Term Health Care. In IMG we believe that you need to practice what you preach, How can a broker tell that a certain product is good if he was not able to try the product.

If you are already a member of IMG and Kaiser Long Term Health Care member, then you are already eligible to become a broker. As a broker you can earn either from your own investment or from other people investment.

The earning depends upon your position. A member can be promoted to a higher level after completion of target points.

As a broker, you can also get Mutual Funds Commission, Real Estate Commissions, Non-Life and Life Insurance Commissions and more. So you can get your investment portfolio at a discounted amount compared if you get it outside of IMG.

In addition to commission, there are some challenges being given to members like free travel in different country to attend different convention. Countries like USA, Dubai, Singapore, Vietnam and more are just few countries were the convention was held last year.

In IMG, you are creating your investment portfolio and at the same time you are creating your Business. If you are an active member then you could also be a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of your group.

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