Kaiser Long Term Health Care Membership Procedure

To those asking on what is the procedure on how have Kaiser Long Term Healthcare Membership, Please below details.

  1. Secure a quotation from an IMG broker or member, just provide your age and location.
  2. Let the IMG representative discuss the details of the quotation/proposal
  3. IMG member or broker will give you quotation as well as membership forms.
  4. Fill Up the form and scan and send back to IMG broker/member for checking.
  5. Upon verification and checking, IMG representative will send the bank account details for payment.
  6. New member will have to pay directly to IMG (International marketing Group).
  7. If you want to earn through IMG you need to pay membership fee which depends on your location.
  8. IMG Philippines will process the application and New member will have to wait for the policy copy that will be provided by Manila Office.
  9. For members outside the Philippines, it will take more time to reach the destination since it is being sent by batch.
  10. After payment, IMG Manila will confirm receipt of your payment and you can now start building your Financial Business Empire.

If you need any other information you may contact me or comment here.

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  1. Can you please send some sample answer for kaiser form to know how it should be filled up? Please help me I can’t go through every time I click next it says wrong format can you please send me. Thank you in advance. Please as soon as possible

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