Investment Guide for OFW (Step by Step Guide for Newbie Investor

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This is a book written for newbie investors who would like to start investing, but does not have any idea about investing. The writer is an OFW from the Middle East. It is just like a One Stop Shop for Investing Information as an OFW.

Here is the Table of Contents

Figures and Table List iv
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why Do We Need to Start Investing
Chapter 3: Types of Investment Available for OFW
Chapter 4: Skills Needed to Start Investing
Chapter 5: Risk Associated in Investing
Chapter 6: How to Avoid Risk in Investing
Chapter 7: Checklist of Documents Needed in Investing as an OFW
Chapter 8: How to Start Investing
I. Mutual Funds / Stock Market
III. Pag-IBIG Funds
Chapter 9: How to Monitor Your Investment
I. Mutual Funds
II. Stock Market
IV. Pag-IBIG Funds
Chapter 10: How to Add up Your Investment
Chapter 11: Keeping Your Investment Mindset
Chapter 12: Give It Back To God
Definition of Terms
Annex A: How to get your TIN (Tax Identification Numbers)
Annex B – Types of Mutual Funds
Annex C – Advantages in Investing in a Mutual Fund
Annex D – Mutual Fund Companies Contact Details
Annex E – Blue Chips Companies of PSEI
Annex F – TO DO LIST while in Philippines

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