How to Eliminate Bad Debt

Elimination of debt is a dreams of many Filipinos buried in debt. Debt can be categorized in to two types, good debt and bad debt. So today let us discuss about the bad debt. Bad debt is commonly accumulated through excessive spending of wants. It is also called consumers Debt. Consumer debt is a big problem in Philippines that needs to be eliminated. people in Debt needs to pay it off before moving to investing. I believed that paying off your loans is already investing, since you can stop the compounded interest of your loan.  I suggest not to invest if you are buried in debt. Commitment, Focus and Discipline shall be the attitude of a person who want to get out of debt.

So here are the 13 steps out of debt as suggested by Rowena Suarez, Registered Financial Planner, in her interview at ANC Money.

  1. Face the problem
  2. Commit to get out of debt
  3. Decide of the time frame.
  4. Make an inventory of your debt
  5. Record your expenses – Getting out of debt is like going on a diet, you need to be aware of everything you eat.
  6. Determine your needs and wants
  7. Let go of your wants
  8. Use your wants money to pay your debt
  9. Choose Debt with the highest interest rate then pay it off.
  10. Work out a payment scheme with your creditors
  11. Pay with Cash
  12. Find other source of income
  13. Learn from your experience and make it your life choice.

Above mentioned steps are really practical ways in order to eliminate debt. This might sound easy but in reality it is not. Again those in debt shall be Committed, Focus and Disciplined.

ADVFN acquisition of for P6Million in cash and share of stocks

I just learned that has been acquired by ADVFN Plc (“ADVFN” or the “Company, for about Php 6 Million payable as PHP2.5 million in cash and PHP3.5 million inf new ADVFN shares of 1p each as reported in

“I am delighted to announce the acquisition of Finance Manila which, in my view, is the most exciting trader community in the Philippines. hosts large, active investor communities, which I believe are a perfect match for ADVFN’s premium subscription and advertising offerings. We will use the Investors Hub template we have developed in the US to take the site to the next level and accelerate ADVFN’s planned expansion into the fast growing markets of Asia.” said Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN.

Just to give you an idea about the traffic of I made a comparison with through alexa graph pageviews/user. The graph shows the margin of difference when it comes to pageviews/user. It also shows that it has almost the same pageviews/user of, which another successful pinoy website that becomes a business venture.

Compare Sulit and Finance Manila Rev 2

According to, Finance Manila has been registered and become online since October 18, 2004. In just 9 years this website has attracted millions of visits per month and has a reported 2 Million Page Views per month.

Finance Manila Whois Data

So is it a good buy? Let me do some calculation as follows:

2,000,000 Pageviews x 0.05 (Ad Clicks Rate) x $0.05 (cost per click) = $ 5,000 per month x Php 43/1 $ = Php 215,000 per month

So based on my calculation ADVFN can have its ROI for its cash payment in just a matter of 1 year, as long as the will hold its visitors or even increase its visitor. It is a good decision from ADVFN since  lots of Filipino are now starting to learn about Financial Literacy. This is story is another success stories of the those netrepreneur that started earlier than most of us.

Congrats to and to ADVFN partnership.

Attend Free and Paid Seminars at Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2013

It is always recommended that before we invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other investment portfolio, it is always right to invest first in ourself. It is either by reading books or attending different seminars that could expand your knowledge about our chosen subject. It is good to report that there will be a Free and Paid Seminar from July 12-13, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Below are the details of the seminar. Thanks to Fitz for this details:


Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2013 Details

This event will happen on July 12-13, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. That’s two whole days, Friday and Saturday, of learning which you should not miss.

The summit is actually composed of 2 events happening at the same time. There’s the Expo and there’s the Conference.

EXPO (Free Financial Seminar)

There will be Expo talks where various Registered Financial Planners will be speaking about basic personal finance and investments. Some of the topics include financial planning, risk management, estate planning, stocks, bonds, VUL’s and real estate.

Below are the Expo topics and speakers:

Day 1

  • Financial Planning 101 with Jesi John Bondoc, RFP®
  • Risk Management 101 with Allain Aquino, RFP®
  • Education Planning 101 with Jeremy Jessley Tan, RFP®
  • Estate Planning 101 with Christopher Cervantes, RFP®
  • Investing 101 with Paul Michael de Jesus, RFP®
  • Day 2
  • Stocks 101 with Ramir Libre, RFP®
  • Bonds 101 with Jesi John Louie Areopagita, RFP®
  • Building Your Investment Portfolio with Malaya Laraya, RFP®
  • Pooled Funds 101 with Lawrence Yu, RFP®
  • VULs 101 with Jake Lingan, RFP®
  • Forex 101 with King San Jose, RFP®
  • Real Estate 101 with Christopher Lim, RFP®

CONFERENCE (Paid Advanced Financial Seminar)

The main event of the summit is the conference where various topics on financial and property markets will be discussed. This is where all the advanced learning will happen.

Below are the Conference topics and speakers:

Day 1

  • Investing Beyond Market Cycles: Mario Miranda, Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Building Your Wealth Through Stocks: April Lee Tan, COL Financial
  • Women & Investing, a panel to be facilitated by Salve Duplito, with:
  • Miriam Quiambao, Managing Director, 3Win Realty & Development Corp.
  • Leila Hernandez, Author, The 9 to 5 Millionaire
  • April Alemania-Dayrit, Real Estate Investor

Day 2

The second day of the conference will be composed of break-out sessions where you will learn advanced and detailed strategies on investing and trading.

Stock Market Track

  • Pick the Right Stocks: Introduction to Fundamental Analysis: Malaya Laraya, Certified Securities Representative and Founder, Pesos and Sense
  • Selling Your Stock: Knowing When to Walk Away, Knowing When to Run: John Mangun, Analyst and Columnist
  • Profiting from Triangles and Breakouts: Ron Acoba, Chief Technical Strategist, Trading Edge Consultancy
  • Experienced Stock Trading: How Not To Be Deceived By Company Disclosures and Financial Statements: Prof. Benjie Sandoval, BPI Securities
  • The Death of Day Trading: Mac Murray, Emerging Markets Specialist
  • Forex Market Track
  • Real Estate Market Track
  • Getting Started in Forex Trading: Fitz Villafuerte, Founder, Ready to be Rich
  • How To Trade Forex For A Living: Trade Secrets Of A Full Time Trader: Mark So, Chief Forex Trader and Founder, Forex Club Asia
  • Advanced Price Action Strategies: Paul Familiaran, FXCM Account Manager
  • Algorithmic Trading: Admiral Markets
  • Tips for First-Time Homebuyers and Investors – Jay and Cherry Castillo, Founders,
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Investing in Rental Properties: Carl Dy, Real Estate Investor
  • Investing in Office Condos: Melo Porciuncula, Head of Capital Markets, KMC MAG Group
  • How to Fix and Flip Foreclosed Properties: Noli Alleje, Managing Director, The Property Forum

Attendance Fee?

  • EXPO: totally free!
  • Standard Pass: P2,495.00 – access to Day 1 only
  • VIP Pass: P5,995.00 – access to Day 1 and Day 2

I believe that the mentioned seminar is really a great investment for somebody who wants to learn Financial Literacy.

Register Here