Paano Kumita sa Copy Trading? (Video Link)

Sharing my video about How to earn from Copy Trading in Liteforex

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This particular post will teach you on how to do copy trading in Forex, We will also try to answer the risk behind forex, is it an easy investment? or is it a risky investment.

I am not a Financial Adviser, we are just sharing you some possible passive income. DYOR ( Do Your Own Research )

Bangko Sentral Orders Lyka to Halt operations

Are you in Lyka? (A Social Media Apps that let you earn a point for the exchange of Goods), Lyka was instructed by Banko Central to halt it’s operation and to have their company register as an operator of payment system (OPS). According to rappler :

The BSP said that based on its features, Lyka should register, as specified in Republic Act No. 11127 or the National Payment Systems Act. 

from Rappler

Registration is needed to ensure that the app “functions safely, efficiently, and reliably by itself, consistent with the central bank’s objectives of consumer protection and financial stability.”

Let us see what will happen to Lyka. Many celebrities have used Lyka, to earn gems, some celebrities were able to by their own car through the use of Lyka Gems that they obtain from their followers.

Crypto Market Exchange

A week to remember for My DeFi Pet: ATH, Chainswap issue, Recovery | by My  Defi Pet Official | Jul, 2021 | Medium

Are you looking for ways on how you can trade in the crypto market? Well, I do Crypto Trading and I am using Binance and MEXC Exchange in my Trade. Currently, the DPET can only be traded in MEXC and not in Binance. The AXS Token which is currently used for Axie infinity games can be found in Binance and MEXC. I am funding Binance via P2P where I am using my Union Bank Account to look for traders that sell USDT. In MEXC, I am transferring USDT from Binance or XRP from in order for me to fund my Trading account in MEXC.

I think it is much easier to trade in MEXC rather than Trading in where the spread is really high. Just a tip it is always better tp convert first to USDT rather than converting immediately from one crypto coin to other.

Just a warning, crypto trading is a High-Risk High Reward investment, so better DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before trying our Crypto Currency. Beware of HYPE.

This is just a short post to let you know that I am also into Crypto Currency.

List of Digital Banks for OFW

So are you an OFW and looking for ways to open a digital bank in the Philippines, while you are abroad. Good to report that there are banks in the Philippines that are offering Digital Banks opening. You may enroll in a Philippine Bank Account while you are in any part of the world. Sos here is the list with links to the play store and App Store.


App Store:

Google Play:


App Store:

Google Play:


App Store:

Google Play:


App Store:

Google Play:


App Store:

Google Play:

We hope that this list is helpful to our fellow OFW.

Stock Market Down to 6795.13

Today might be not a very good day for traders, as the stock market has recorded a bloody Tuesday. It is recorded that the stock market is 6795.13 Today, July 13, 2021.

The above pictures are taken from the COLFinancial Website. Investing in Stock Market is not as easy as you think, you need to have a proper study of the sticks where you need to enroll. The stock market is also not for those people with faint hearts, because it is really a risky investment. Better to go for Long Term in Stocks rather than be a day trader if you will always trade with emotion.

As the USD Dollar exchange rate is being high, it is always indirectly proportional to the stock market. Well, I mean Usually. So Enjoy investing but of course, learn first about investing before diving into it. Do not gamble, because any investment without proper study is gambling.