Airbnb Staycation Experiences and Tips – Short Term Rental Episode 2 (Video)

Just sharing what I have learned from AirnBnb Hosting
1. Customer Satisfaction

2. Management of Cleaning Team

3. Proper Use of Calendar

4. Becoming Very Active in Responding for your guest

5. Not Every Guest are the same

6. Proper Scheduling is important

Hope that you will like the video. if you would like to be an Airbnb Host Register Here –

Why 5-Star Reviews Are Crucial for Airbnb Hosts ? | MKDN Staycation



We are thrilled to share that we recently received a 5-star review from a guest @ MKDN Staycation, which is a significant achievement for any Airbnb host. These reviews are a critical resource for potential guests, providing insights into the quality of the stay they can expect. A consistent record of positive reviews not only assures guests of a great experience but also boosts your visibility in Airbnb’s search results due to the platform’s algorithm favoring highly-rated listings.

Currently, we are proud to have nine 5-star reviews from recent guests. This consistent positive feedback enhances our profile and positions us as a top choice for those seeking a staycation. Maintaining these high ratings is crucial as we strive to achieve Superhost status by July 2024. We are committed to delivering exceptional service to earn this prestigious badge.

Dividend Investing

Have you heard of earning from the stock market through dividend investing? With this type of investment, you simply need to buy stocks that pay dividends to shareholders. Besides stocks, there are also investment vehicles called REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). We are currently invested in REITs, and based on my experience, they provide an approximate annual return of 6% to 7%. The best part is that these dividends are paid on a quarterly basis.

Soon To Be An AirBNB Host

Just like to let you know that soon we will be trying to be a host of Air BNB or Short Term Rental. Our Short rental is located in Mandaluyong, Soon I will be posting the information in this blog. Meanwhile you may like our Official FB Page for MKDN Staycation to know the updates of our listing.

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When to Know the Interest Rates of Your Loan?

When to Know the Interest Rates of Your Loan – You will know this during the execution of your loan, they will not be able to finalize the rates unless the loan has been served. You may only get the estimated rates.

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Can We Include Admin Fee in the Loan?

Can we add the admin fee to the loan? The answer is yes, you just have to check with the bank on how you can include the admin fee in the loan and Yes it is possible.

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What is A Bank Guarantee

This post will give you an idea of what is a Bank Guarantee. Bank Guarantee is needed by the developer to have an assurance that the bank will pay the remaining amount to the developer.

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Shopee Pay Coins in MP2 Pag-IBIG Payment

We would like to share about the Shopee Pay payment in Pag-IBIG, recently I have been using Shopee Pay in paying my Pagibig 2 Investment. Why? because we are getting coins when paying. As an example today I paid Php 500 and I got 80 coins from Shopee Pay. These 80 coins can be used in my next payout as long as the coins amount is 25% of my whole purchase.

As if I got a 16% Discount on my next payment, If I am going to use the Shopee Pay Coins and pay the minimum payment of Php 500. There is just a little catch, you need to pay using your Shopee Pay credit.

Shopee Pay credit can be obtained by adding money to your wallet using a bank connection. It means that you need to connect your bank to Shopee Pay for immediate cash in.

You just have to pay Php 7 as a convenience fee. I think this is just a part of their promotion, but it would be great to take advantage of this promotion. Happy Investing

What Is Copy Trading?

Do you want to be involved in Forex Trading? But You do not know how to trade in Forex? A solution might be COPY TRADING, In copy trading, you will copy traders on their forex trading. But there are things that you need to understand before doing copy trading.

There is a commission

The trader will apply commission in every closed trade that they have, it varies from 0% to 20% depending on the trader that you are copying.

There is Minium Copy Required

You need to check off what is the minimum copy trade account that you can copy. The most trader can accept up to a minimum of $100.

Copy Type

The trader will give some instruction on how will you copy their trades, normally they will tell you not to copy existing trade and just copy in the proportion to your fund.

How to Start?

You may start by enrolling or having an account from a Forex broker. I recommend Lite Finance. Enroll Here < New Account > By the way it’s an affiliate link which means, I will earn a little amount every time you close a trade. It’s my reward in recommending you to our broker.