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We know that Philippine Stock Market (PSEi) is now low due to what is happening in other part of the world like Syria and the possible FED tapering as they say. Lots of foreign investors are pulling out their money and transferring to some places where there is possibilities of gaining more. In fact as of this writing PSEi is trading at 5605 which is almost the same price as of November 2012.

So how are we going to take advantage of this time?

For your information Peso exchange rate is now higher than before, upon checking, the present exchange rate is Php 44.5/USD. For us Online Filipino Workers and Overseas Filipino Workers, our salary is higher than before when it is converted to Philippine Peso. Technically all dollar earning people should take advantage of this time.

So here we go, If we have a higher salary and the market is low, it is really high time to invest, so that when the exchange rate goes back to it’s normal rate which is 40 to 42 and the Philippine Stock Market (PSEi) goes back to 7403, which is the all-time high in PSEi, your gain will be sizeable.

So don’t spend your extra earnings due to higher exchange rates, invest the difference and delay your gratification. Because the tendency of OFW is to buy things which are not important when they have extra cash. So better change your attitude towards money.

I suggest to have a cost averaging strategy in investing, just invest a constant amount on a monthly basis and wait until the market goes up. This is really advisable for younger generation but if you are already at age higher than 60’s I would not suggest you to enter into stock market or mutual fund connected with equity fund. Instead go for a less risk investment.

Younger generation have lots of time to recover, as the market have it’s cycle. I would like to share my Video Blog about saving early.

Video is edited by my daughter : Micaella