Asset.jpgDid you know that you are losing potential gain every time that you delay your investing. This is what I regret in doing 10 years ago. I just started investing about 2 years ago, and I told myself that I should have done this the first time I had my salary. I had wasted lots of potential gains for the last 8 years buying unnecessary things that easily depreciate. I mean buying high tech mobile phones and Laptop including accessories. I have also paid lots of interest to the credit card company because I do not know how to handle my finances.

Some say that it’s not good to invest this year because the market is down, if you would like to ask me then I think it is a good time because after some time, market will definitely go up, then the shares that you bought low can be sold high which could turn into high profit.

It’s a matter of starting and studying. Whenever you started investing and study about it’s in and outs you will definitely make it a habit.

Investing is not only for rich people, it’s for wise people. Wise enough to think about the future. Actually most of the rich people have invested time studying the market and studying the pros and cons of the market. They read a lot of books.

For me, I would like to retire happy and do whatever the Lord wants me to do in His ministry.

Just a reminder don’t be too focus in richness because it will lead to greed. Always remember that the God controls everything. Either Market up or Market down our Lord does not change and so are you. Happy Investing.