Shopee Pay Coins in MP2 Pag-IBIG Payment

We would like to share about the Shopee Pay payment in Pag-IBIG, recently I have been using Shopee Pay in paying my Pagibig 2 Investment. Why? because we are getting coins when paying. As an example today I paid Php 500 and I got 80 coins from Shopee Pay. These 80 coins can be used in my next payout as long as the coins amount is 25% of my whole purchase.

As if I got a 16% Discount on my next payment, If I am going to use the Shopee Pay Coins and pay the minimum payment of Php 500. There is just a little catch, you need to pay using your Shopee Pay credit.

Shopee Pay credit can be obtained by adding money to your wallet using a bank connection. It means that you need to connect your bank to Shopee Pay for immediate cash in.

You just have to pay Php 7 as a convenience fee. I think this is just a part of their promotion, but it would be great to take advantage of this promotion. Happy Investing

Condominium Tips and Tricks

Condominium, Ano nga ba ang mga kailangan mong malaman bago ka bumili nito. Ano ang objective mo kung bakit ka bibili ng condominium? Dahil from the objective mo malalaman ang mga criteria sa pagbili ng bagong condo. Happy Condo Hunting. I hope that this vlog will be able to help you in finding new opportunity in Condo Investing and Hunting

Maranming need na malaman sa pagbili ng isang condo. Kailangan mong maging handa at maging masuri sa pagbili ng condo, kung gusto mo talagang kumita dito.

Free Tools for Savings and Budget Monitoring

There are lots of Free Tools that you can use for your savings and budgeting requirements. What I and my wife is using is the Google Sheets. Through Google Sheet, I can share my calculations with my wife or to whom I wish to share my calculations, The good thing is that Google sheet is Free and calculation in real-time. Whenever any of the users change any information, it will be reflected immediately to the other user as long as they are both online.

Security features are also high, it could not be shared as long as the settings are correct. It can also be shared with specific personnel among your group or within the family. Each member should have their own Gmail account for security purpose.

This also works on the mobile phone, so it is really convenient to use. The formula is also based on excel calculation so a simple arithmetic calculation can be made without any problem.

If you have any other ideas or tools about Free Tools for Savings and Budget Monitoring Please let us know in the comment.

Maari Ba Matrace and BitCoin Transactions Mo?

Ang Bitcoin transacations ay mahirap i trace not unless you know the BitCoin Wallet address of the person you are reffering. Sapagkat ang lahat ng BitCoin transacations ay na nakatala sa BlockChain Info ( Decentralize ang pagamit ng BitCoin di tulad ng pera na nacocontrol ng Central  Bank ng bawat bansa. Sa Coins PH maari mo ng malaman kung sino ang nagpadala sa iyo kung kapwa Coins PH user din sapagkat maari ka ng magcomment kapag nagpadala ka na mababasa rin ng may ari ng account na papadalahan mo. Maari mo ring gamitin ang Email address ng papadalahan mo provided na gumagamit din sya ng Coin PH (Parang Paypal). Kung ang gamit naman nya ay di Coin PH ang kailangan mo lang alamin ay kung ano ang kanyang Bitcoin Wallet Address or Peso Wallet Address. Ngunit kailangan mo rin malaman na kapag nag padala ka na di mo na maaring ma refund ang anumang iyong ipinadala not unless na voluntary ibalik sa iyo ang pinadala mo. Kaya mag ingat din sa mga investment na nakikita sa internet patungkol sa BitCoin sapagkat marami nito. God Bless You all. Sa ngayon I have Hash Ocean

Paano Nga Ba Gamitin ang BitCoin Wallet?

many-bitcoin-coinsIto po ang unang Tagalog Blog namin.

Ano ng aba ang Bitcoin Wallet?

Ang Bitcoin wallet and isang website na kung saan maari mong ilagay ang iyong pera upang magamit sa mga website na tumatanggap ng bayad na Bitcoin. Ang Bitcoin ay isang crypto currency na kung saan tanggap na sa ibat ibang lugar. Gumagamit ako ng Coins.Ph as my bitcoin wallet. Maari mong gamitin ang Bitcoin Wallet para mag bayad ng mga Utilities payment, Credit Card payment, at marami pang iba. Maari mo rin itong magami sa pagbabayad ng SSS. Ganoon din sa pagbabayad ng Tuition Fee.

Paano magagamit ang Bitcoin wallet sa Investment?

Kung nais mo naman pumasok sa mga investment ang bitcoin wallet ang gagamitin upang makapag invest ka sa Bitcoin Investment. Isa na rito ang Hash Ocean (BitCoin Mining) na kung saan bitcoin ang gagamitin mo sa pagbili at bitcoin din ang ibabalik nila sa iyo sa anumang kikitain mo. Kaya kailangan mo ng Bitcoin wallet.

Ano ang Wallet Address?

Ang lahat ng Bitcoin wallet ay mayroong wallet address. Ang wallet address and iyong gagamiting upang ito ang maging daan ng pagbabayad sa iyo ng iyong kita.

Ang kikitain mong Bitcoin ay maaring ipalit sa Pesos sa Bitcoin Wallet mismo. Maari ka rin mag withdraw sa anumang bank na piliin mo gamit ang Coins.Ph. Maari mo ring iwithdraw sa Cebuana Lhuiller at iba pa. Isang paalala lamang na di mo na pwedeng bawiin ang anumang iyong ibinayad o binayad sa iyo. Kaya siguraduhing tama lahat ang mga detalye na gagamitin mo sa pag gamit ng Bitcoin Address.

Kung may katanungan pa patungkol sa Bitcoin, mag comment lang po.

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Steps on How to Start Investing in Stock Market as an OFW

Are you an OFW and you want to start being involve in Stock Market? It was 3 years ago when I started investing via Stock Market and at that time I am really enthusiast to be involved in investing, but I don’t know what to do. So if you were in the same position as I am 3 years ago, this post might help you.

So if you were in the same position as I am 3 years ago, this post might help you.

Be informed that It is mandatory that the documents we need to submit into the broker (a company that will deal with different big companies on your behalf) are original documents, This document shall  have our original signatures and original forms filled with your responses. Before submitting those documents, it would be better to send the scan copy of all the documents to your brokers. Before starting your application please make sure that you know the following details:

  • TIN Number
  • Bank Account Details (This is where they will deposit your money upon withdrawal)
  • At least 2 ID’s with your signature (Passport could be one of them)

So here are the steps that you need to do:

  1. Download the forms from your brokers
  2. Scan your ID’s
  3. Fill up all the forms and Scan the documents (Make sure your signature in the form is the same as your signature shown in your ID)
  4. Send the scan documents with all your id to your broker
  5. Wait for their reply and approval of all your documents
  6. If there are any comment, rectify the comments and then send again through email for checking.
  7. If everything is fine, send the documents via courier.
  8. They will give you an account
  9. Upon receipt of your account details, you may now load up your account with money via bank transfer or remittances. The money that you have deposited can now be used to buy stocks from different company.

So that’s it, when your deposited amount is loaded in your brokers account, you may start buying stocks of different company. Hope this simple instruction can lead you to your investing journey.

Lifetime PhilHealth Membership, Is It Possible?

I just learn that there is a PhilHealth lifetime membership for those who can reach the minimum required monthly payment by law (Thanks to OFIE M-Qatar Facebook Group).

To help our readers, I have made links and copied some of the useful content of PhilHealth below so that you could find out the information that you may be required upon application.

According to their website the following personnel are qualified to have their Lifetime membership:

The following members shall be entitled to PhilHealth’s lifetime coverage as Lifetime Members:

  • Old-age retirees and pensioners of the GSIS, including uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of the AFP, PNP, BJMP and BFP who have reached the compulsory age of retirement before June 24, 1997, and retirees under Presidential Decree 408;
  • GSIS disability pensioners prior to March 4, 1995;
  • SSS pensioners prior to March 4, 1995:
  • SSS permanent total disability pensioners;
  • SSS death/survivorship pensioners
  • SSS old-age retirees/pensioners;
  • Uniformed members of the AFP, PNP, BFP and BJMP who have reached the compulsory age of retirement on or after June 24, 1997, being the effectivity date of RA 8291 which excluded them in the compulsory membership to the GSIS;
  • Retirees and pensioners who are members of the judiciary;
  • Retirees who are members of Constitutional Commissions and other constitutional offices;
  • Former employees of the government and/or private sectors who have accumulated/paid at least 120 monthly premium contributions as provided for by law but separated from employment before reaching the age of 60 years old and thereafter have reached 60 years old;
  • Former employees of the government and/or private sectors who were separated from employment without completing 120 monthly premium contributions but continued to pay their premiums as Individually Paying Members until completion of the required 120 monthly premium contributions and have reached 60 years old as provided for by law;
  • Individually Paying Members, including SSS self-employed and voluntary members, who continued paying premiums to PhilHealth, have reached 60 years old and have met the required 120 monthly premiums as provided for by law;
  • Retired underground mine workers who have reached the age of retirement as provided for by law and have met the required premium contributions.

And here are the requirements as shown in their website:

Submit the following to any PhilHealth Office nearest you:

1. Duly accomplished PhilHealth Membership Registration Form

2. Two (2) latest 1″ x 1″ ID picture

3. Certified True Copy (CTC) of the SSS or GSIS Retirement Certification or the following as applicable:

  • For SSS Retirees/Pensioners:
  • Printout of Death, Disability and Retirement (DDR) from any SSS office indicating that the type of claim is retirement in nature and the effectivity date of pension; and
  • Printout of contributions issued by any SSS office indicating the latest contributions (if he/she retires after March 4, 1995.
  • For GSIS Retirees – any of the following:
  • Certification/Letter of Approval of Retirement from the GSIS indicating the effectivity date of retirement;
  • Service Record issued by the employer/s indicating not less than 120 months of service excluding leave of absences without pay;
  • Certification/retirement Gratuity from the employer indicating not less than 120 months of service.
  • For AFP, PNP, BFP and BJMP Retirees/Pensioners – those who are in active military service until they retire at age 56 and those separated by retirement or other reasons prior to the said age but have reached the age of 60, shall submit any of the following:
  • Statement of Services issued by previous employer indicating not less than 120 months of service excluding leave of absences without pay;
  • Certification/Letter of Approval of Retirement from the GSIS indicating not less than 120 months of service;
  • General, Bureau or Special Order indicating the effectivity date of retirement.

4. Certified true copy (CTC) of Birth Certificate or any two of the following:

  • CTC of Baptismal Certificate
  • CTC of Marriage Contract/Certificate
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • SSS Members ID
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  • Service Record/s
  • Employee ID
  • School records
  • Voter’s ID
  • Senior Citizens ID
  • Duly notarized joint affidavit of two disinterested persons attesting to the fact of birth of the registrant

5. Any other valid documents acceptable by PhilHealth

Member will be issued his/her PhilHealth Lifetime Member Card which is a valid ID to be used in all PhilHealth transactions.

I believe that being a constant member of PhilHealth, will give you a long term health care after the age of 60. But please be noted that PhilHealth’s benefit is limited and cannot be the full source of your long term health care. My father is supported by PhilHealth (Part only) on his dialysis but it is only for a specified number of dialysis. What I am saying is that it is good to have PhilHealth and at the same time you need to think of an additional source of health care expenses at old age.

SSS and Philhealth alone is not enough to sustain our old age. Remember if you Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail.

This could be one of you goals when planning for your retirement age. Set your goals and start to invest.

How to Stay Updated With Your Portfolio News & Events?

We all know that one of the indicators of the stock market price is the NEWS that is being discussed on a particular day. A good news might make the stock market price higher while the bad NEWS might make the stock price lower.

An investors increases his investment as long as he found out that the company is in a good position because he is increasing his trust in the company.

As an example, a news about an accident happened in a Mining area will definitely affect the stock price of a particular mining company.

A change in the Board of Director also affects the price of a stock market either positive or negative.

Today, I will teach on how to be updated on the news that floats around the internet about your chosen company. As an example if you want to be updated on what is going on at Century Properties Group (CPG), you may create a Google Alert for all the news that is being posted in the internet.

How to Stay Updated With Your Portfolio News & Events?Here are the procedure to start tracking news information using Google Alert:

1.) Go at the Google Alert site ( ) and fill up the required data where you want to be updated.

2.) At the search Query Space , you may put the word: Century Properties Group

3.) At the result type you may choose to be informed from News, Blogs, Videos, Discussions and Book. Most of the time I choose News, You may also create additional alert from Blogs.

4.) In the How Often Space: You may choose from as it happen, once a day or once a week. Most of the time I choose “As it Happen”, so that I am informed of any choose or blogs being posted in the internet.

5.) At How Many, You have the option to choose All results and Best Results

6.) Then place your email in the space provided

7.) The press create alert

In addition you might want to be part of different Facebook Group, where information is always updated from different helpful members.How to Stay Updated With Your Portfolio News & Events?

This might not be important for long term investors, but I do believe that it is always nice to be informed about the things happening at your stocks portfolio.

If you found it useful you might want to share to your friends and FB groups.

How to Add Funds to Your Stock Broker?

First of all, stock broker is the agency who buys stock for us, investor. I have an account with COL Financial and therefore the instruction mentioned herein is based on my experience with COL Financial.

I have told you before that I am an OFW, in Saudi Arabia whenever we send money to Philippines in a single account we have to pay SAR 18 (Approximately Php 200) so if we are not wise enough and we will send our funding through this method we will already loose some of our capital.

So how do I send funds to my COL Financial account? It’s easy I use online banking from my bank in the Philippines. In my case I am using Metrobank as my financial hub. I send money to my Philippine Bank Account (Metrobank) and from there I will distribute my remittances, credit card payment, including funding to ColFinancial. So in this case I am only paying once in sending money from Saudi Arabia to Philippines. But there is a catch, In Saudi Arabia, there is a certain limitation on the amount of money that we can send to Philippines depending on our work permit. In my case I don’t have problem since my visa category have high limitation.

We have also checked the BPI Pinoy online banking and I can confirm that they have the capability of sending funds to COL Financial.

For COL Financial users, you just have to get your user id and place it in the space provided by Metrobank (Subscriber/Account No.) . After your first transaction it will now be located in your banks dashboard and all you have to do Is just to choose this in the option.

So here is the guide:

1.) Press Pay Bills

2.) Go To Special Bills

3.) Look for Col Financial Group Inc. and Enter your account number

4.) Enter your desired amount

5.) Put your phone number and then wait until it will appear in your Col Financial Dashboard (Better expect the transfer to be done within one day)

It would be faster if you will inform Col Financial and send them a screen copy of your payment.

You may also want to check my post in my other blog: How Online Banking System Can help OFW


Metrobank Screen Capture

I have been doing Internet banking for more than 9 years and I could say that I did not face any problem with Metrobank. They are strict when it comes to adding beneficiary since you have to do it on your local branch. But in funding your COL Financial you don’t have to go to the branch in order to add them in you bills payment.

For those asking about bank charges, I have not seen any deduction in any of my transfer to COL Financial.