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This is the same question that I got one year ago, when I saw a blog post and Facebook group comments last year.

I started investing in Stock Market about a year ago. If you do not know how to start stock market better check my post on “How to Start on Stock Market”. Starting in investing is all about mind setting, you have to make a mindset that there is no business without risk and if you don’t want to take risk you cannot gain.

There are lot of ways to start in investing and it depends on your risk appetite. If you are not a risk taker and you do not have any mentor or you are lazy to study on how to invest, I would suggest starting in mutual fund. In mutual fund there will be a fund manager who will take care of your finances. They have the full discretion on where to put your money. By the way Mutual Fund is not a risk free investment. But risk is lower than going to stock market by yourself.

You may also check your banks for UITF (Unit Investment Trust Funds).

As of now I don’t have any investment in Mutual Fund but I am planning to take a mutual in the future as part of my diversification. It is a decision, to do it by my own for the mean time that is also the reason why I made an account with COL Financial.

I have also read a lot of book saying that an emergency fund (3 to 6 months equivalent of your monthly expenses) needs to be establish first before investing as well as insurance coverage. But as of this time, I have not made any insurance which I also plan to take this year.

As a start, I make it a point that I have updated my SSS and my other small insurance coverage.

I am considering my Stock Market Funds as my emergency fund since it is a liquid investment that I can take out anytime in the future if need arise.

As a new investor or would be investor you need to change you financial formula from:

Income – Expenses = Saving Investment


Income – Tithing – Savings & Investment = Expenses

I believe that we need to give our tithes for the work of God’s ministry in the earth. I always believe that the bible is the source of information about investing. It is also what Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Bo Sanchez, Chinkee Tan and Other known book author believe.

I also suggest joining forum, Facebook group for mentoring purpose. There are lots of Facebook group who have very helpful members who are there to answer you basic question for free. And don’t forget to join our mailing system for you to be updated on our post. I am planning to be more active in writing on this blog.