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If you decide to invest you need to be focus. You need to focus on your goals. I need to remind you the basics of investing, know your goal before investing into any investing vehicle.


For short term goal, invest to a non-risky investment and for long term goal you may invest in riskier investment. It is a fact that time reduces the risk of any investment, but time does not eliminate the risk. Every investment has its own risk you just need to make sure that you understood the risk before allowing yourself to be part of that investment.

When a broker says that they are offering a “Risk Free” investment I could say that it is a scam, or the broker does not know what he is selling and he is only after the commission.

Many of my colleagues who got their insurance due to sales pitch of brokers does not know their policy well, they don’t even know why they get those insurance. And worse they feel that it is a burden paying those insurance.

Insurance is a must in investing. Without insurance, your investment might be wasted. Just imagine being sick without insurance, definitely the last resort to do is to touch your investment especially if you did not work out you emergency funds.

There are lots of investment vehicle, before going to a certain investment, learn and know the risk associated with it. Before getting the next investment you need to master the ins and out of your chosen investment.

In addition always remember not to keep all your eggs in a basket. Which mean don’t keep your investment in a single investment company. Diversify.