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invest-2Who says that investing is easy? For me it is not, it involves self discipline and goal setting. Imagine choosing to invest your hard earned money in replacement of having fame in your office by owning a new gadget that worth thousands of pesos. I was a spender for almost 10 years before I learn investing, and I could say that it is not easy changing paths going to Financial secure life.

It was easy to spend and use my credit card and spend on my “wants” rather than stopping my craving with new gadget in town. After learning about financial literacy by joining different Facebook groups and talking to mentors as well as reading books about finance, it made me realize that even investing is hard at first, time will come that it will be your life style. In addition it feels good to know that at least you are expecting something for your future.

I said it’s rewarding because time will come, you will harvest the fruits of your hardship in investing. Time will come that you can meet your goals and objective in investing.

Imagine being financially secured when you get old, you can do whatever you want like doing your ministry for the Lord or even travelling all over the world.

It is better to suffer for a while and gain in the future.

Here are 10 things I regret in doing for the past 10 years before i become an investor.

  1. I did not bother paying my SSS
  2. I did not even save or open a mutual fund account while blogging earning is good.
  3. I did not put 20% of my income to any investing vehicle.
  4. I did not read books during my spare time.
  5. I did not talk to people who knows about investing.
  6. I perceived insurance as not important because I am young.
  7. Investing to educational funds which I did not learn first  and ended me paying for nothing due to bankruptcy.
  8. Not investing in Training and seminars.
  9. Procrastination
  10. Believing that every financial adviser only wants my money.

Some of the items as mentioned above might be what you are doing now, I suggest learn from my mistake and start learning before investing. Good day.

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