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Not everybody can experience financial freedom, actually it is rare to see people who is experiencing financial freedom. But how could you really experience financial freedom? I believe it is only, if you are debt free.

Before, when I have surplus money I normally opt not to pay future payment such as monthly amortization and school fees. Because what I believe is that I can still use the money to make it grow. But sad to say it always lead me to debt.

There are times that you spend money which could cover advance payment for school to your wants. If you have money in your pocket or ATM the tendency is you can easily decide buying your wants instead of paying your monthly payment in advance.

As an example SSS payment can be made for the whole year. If you will not pay for the whole year, even you are capable to do so, tendency is that monthly SSS payment can be one of the reason why you will be in debt. Sometimes small amounts when accumulated will give head ache and lead you to be buried in debt.


It is also the reason why most people who have declared being debt free in credit card tends to borrow again due to unavoidable circumstances. Those are people who after paying off their debt, did not work out for their emergency funds.

For OFW who owns Credit Card in Philippines, it is not wise to use the credit card overseas. As per computation the moment an OFW uses his Philippine Credit Card overseas, he have to pay additional 3% of his purchase due to exchange rate adjustment. By the way it my personal experience.

Investment shall only be made if you are debt free. I must admit that I did investment even if I am not debt free, but the sad things is that there are times I need to pull some of my investment just to cover my emergency needs. I need to learn investment in the hard way.

It is really important to be educated before investing. Know the risk and opportunities before investing. Don’t just go to investment because your friend told you to do so, or because your idol to you to do so. Be prepare in investing and learn to know your risk tolerance.

Happy Investing