Invest Through SSS Flexi Fund – Know Its Advantage & Disadvantage (Exclusive for OFW)

Yesterday, when I was browsing SSS Website, I came to know about the SSS Flexi Fund. Here is an idea about the Fund.

The SSS Flexi-fund is a voluntary provident fund for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It is an additional of the SSS on top of its regular OFW membership. The program gives OFWs the opportunity to set aside part of their earnings abroad and maximize the return on their Flexi-fund contributions, thus providing good security for their future.

SSS Flexi-fund is a risk free investment that is being invested in government securities, with Interest earnings are computed based on the average 91-day Treasury bill rate, thus ensuring a transparent, high yield and risk-free investment of members’ hard-earned income abroad.




It’s a good time to invest through SSS flexi fund due to the fact that we recently have an investment Grade from Fitch.

SSS Flexi Fund, is any amount beyond Php 200 from the maximum monthly SSS payment. As of this time, the maximum payment or contribution for OCW Members is Php 1,560 monthly. So if you pay Php 2,000, the Php 440 will automatically go to SSS Flexi Fund, which could be withdrawn anytime, should you need money.

Here are the list of bank that could receive payments.

  1. Allied Bank
  2. Asiatrust Bank
  3. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  4. Equitable PCI Bank
  5. International Exchange Bank
  6. Land Bank of the Philippines
  7. Metrobank
  8. Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  9. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
  10. Security Bank
  11. Luzon Brokerage Corporation (LBC)

According to the SSS website:

Interest under the SSS Flexi-fund is. . .

  1. Tax-free
  2. Based on prevailing 91-day Treasury bill rates, quoted on a per annum basis
  3. Subject to quarterly re-pricing, to make it more reflective of current market conditions
  4. Computed at actual date of payment of Flexi-fund contributions, and posted to individual accounts at the end of the month.
  5. Compounded monthly, such that earnings at the end of each month are taken into account in the computation and application of earnings in the succeeding months.

I am paying my SSS via Metrobank Online banking System. I have also accessed the SSS Online portal by using the “Host Server Number” that was provided by Metrobank upon online payment in replacement for the SBR number which is a requirement for accessing SSS Online Monitoring System.

Updates : At this time since the prevailing rate of T-Bill is only 0.4%, I am not recommending investing in SSS-Flexi Fund, however keeping your SSS payment up to date is  I belived a necessity for every Filipino.

28 thoughts on “Invest Through SSS Flexi Fund – Know Its Advantage & Disadvantage (Exclusive for OFW)

    • Investment rate depend on the prevailing rate of T-bonds, which is sad to say that at this time is very low. @ 0.4% according to the latest news due to the Fitch rating.

        • Yup it is very low at the moment because of the Fitch rating. T-Bonds interest becomes really low. But it could go up in the future. About 3 years ago they are giving at an average rate of 7% to 8% as mentioned in their website. But again it it is 3 years ago..

  1. hello,member na ako ng sss.pano ako makakasali jan sa flexi fund.kung 1,560 ang monthly contribution ko .magkano ang pwede ko idagdag para s flexifund monthly.thank you

    • Marami pong bayad center ang SSS sa ibat ibang bansa. You may also contact your embassy, because normally they do have representative sa embassy

  2. member po ako ng flexi fund ,pero bakit na babawasan pa tuloy ang pera ko mas malaki ang management pay kay sa interest

  3. hello. how to compute future value of fund sa flexi fund? let say deposit ako ng max contribution plus 1000. Ibig sabihin yung 1000 sa flexi fund mapupunta. Pano ko ito ma cocompute kung mag kano ang future value let say after 60 months of contribution.

  4. I have been a flexifund contributor since 2009. I agree, mababa nga yong interest rate.

    So I just consider it as an additional secondary investment vehicle. Also, my contributions are minimal because I prefer to add my funds to other better yielding investment.

  5. magkano na interest flexi fund at present.up to how much i can put into my flexi. can i leave my flexi as addditional sa sss ko when i ill retire.can you just send it to my facebook.thanks.this comiung dec. retite na ak up to when can i ay my sss and flexi.

  6. kapag po ba nag apply ng flexi fund sa SSS meron po bang panibagong form na susulatan bugod pa don sa sinusulatan pag nagbabayad ng contribution???

  7. What do I think? I think you must write “Know Its Advantage & Disadvantage” not “Know It’s Advantage & Disadvantage”

  8. Magkano po b talaga ang dapt n monthly contribution? Kc SBI dto 1,560,,pero noong nag fill up ako s sss monthly contribution ko DW dapat ay 1760

  9. Hello! Im niw a naturalize japanese filipino. Am i qualified to invest in this flexi fund? Is there any requirement like me? Please advise. I am very much interested in this flexi fund investment. Thank you.

  10. Hi Dexter,

    Can you update us about the latest prevailing 90-day T-bill rate? Where can we check it in real time? Is there a website where we could check this?

  11. Compared to Pag-ibig MP2, do you think MP2 is better because of their rate not being dependent on 91-day T bills?

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