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Investing is something that most of us really want to do, but what if we have problem on your cash flow. Your available cash might just be enough for your daily needs. Here are some suggestion where you can increase your cash flow while oversees.

  1. Buy and Sell. During you vacation you can buy stuffs in Philippines and sell in the country where you are. The key here is to know the items that cannot be found in the country where you are working or it is hard to find. In addition you need to know if those items are not restricted into that particular country.
  2. You may be a blogger and become publishers. If you can write articles, you may earn from your ideas through blogging. Blog earnings may come from advertisers.
  3. If you are a good speaker, you can host seminars or paid webinars.
  4. You can start joining MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or products with networking scheme. The good thing in networking is the possibility of having a passive income if done right. It only requires a very small capital. Recently, I joined AIM Global to explore the possibility of Passive income through networking.
  5. Make E-books and sell them online.
  6. You can do freelance internet works such as making websites, programming and more.
  7. You can be a virtual assistant in your free time.
  8. Be an investment broker and earn commission from it.
  9. You may start you own E-Store and let your family in the Philippines handle the logistics.
  10. Become a tutor.

There are lots of things that you can do if you really want to increase your cash flow. But all things mentioned above is not easy as it looks. It needs proper training and time management. But you can leverage your time. You can assign some task and earn from those through leveraging your time. You need to remember that you can also earn through the ability of other people.

Upon increasing your cash flow don’t increase your expenses. Self-discipline is also needed if you want to start investing.