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Seminars about investing and YouTube videos about investing are now easily accessible. Facebook post and updates talks about investing and savings. In reality it makes our drive to invest as soon as possible more.

So what if you want to start investing and yet you are filled with credit card debts, Will you start investing in Mutual Funds or stock market even if you are in a big financial mess? For me it’s a big NO.

What I meant is that paying of your credit card debt or any debt is the start of your investing. While paying your credit card, you will start the habit of saving a portion of your salary or income to pay off your debt. Normally I recommend 70, 20, 10. 70 % of your income is for expenses, 20% of your income is for your investment and 10% of your income for your Tithes or Love offerings. Use the 20% to start paying off your debt.

When time comes that you have paid off your debt, you will then be in a habit of saving a portion of your salary. The same amount that you used to pay your credit can now be used to build you emergency funds. After the emergency funds then you can go into Mutual Funds or even stock market if you can take the risk.

The idea is that you should not be investing in Mutual Funds or Stock Market if you don’t have Emergency Fund and still in debt because if time comes that you need money due to emergency, chances are you will get your investment even if it is still losing.

So be wise in your investing decision. In addition you need to set your goal prior to Mutual Funds or stocks investing. Knowing your goal will determine the amount of risk that you can take. Knowing your risk, may allow you to determine the type of investment portfolio will you go.

So be wise and Happy Investing. Study first before investing.