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Are you an OFW and you want to start being involve in Stock Market? It was 3 years ago when I started investing via Stock Market and at that time I am really enthusiast to be involved in investing, but I don’t know what to do. So if you were in the same position as I am 3 years ago, this post might help you.

So if you were in the same position as I am 3 years ago, this post might help you.

Be informed that It is mandatory that the documents we need to submit into the broker (a company that will deal with different big companies on your behalf) are original documents, This document shall  have our original signatures and original forms filled with your responses. Before submitting those documents, it would be better to send the scan copy of all the documents to your brokers. Before starting your application please make sure that you know the following details:

  • TIN Number
  • Bank Account Details (This is where they will deposit your money upon withdrawal)
  • At least 2 ID’s with your signature (Passport could be one of them)

So here are the steps that you need to do:

  1. Download the forms from your brokers
  2. Scan your ID’s
  3. Fill up all the forms and Scan the documents (Make sure your signature in the form is the same as your signature shown in your ID)
  4. Send the scan documents with all your id to your broker
  5. Wait for their reply and approval of all your documents
  6. If there are any comment, rectify the comments and then send again through email for checking.
  7. If everything is fine, send the documents via courier.
  8. They will give you an account
  9. Upon receipt of your account details, you may now load up your account with money via bank transfer or remittances. The money that you have deposited can now be used to buy stocks from different company.

So that’s it, when your deposited amount is loaded in your brokers account, you may start buying stocks of different company. Hope this simple instruction can lead you to your investing journey.