I just want to share my vlog about my ideas on buying an empty lots.

The vlog is all about my experience in buying Lots, it also explains the pros and cons of buying a lot as well as some some tips to consider for buyers and also investors in Philippines. If you are planning to buy you own lot better watch this Vlog first.

Here are some Video Vlogs that I have made before that could also help you learning on how to invest in Philippines:

1️⃣ Buying Condominium Tips – https://youtu.be/WJeGmHvCImI

2️⃣ Importance of Emergency Funds – https://youtu.be/5ZgkyeYhmbs

3️⃣Teaching OFW How to Invest – https://youtu.be/-1ID966FpdE

4️⃣How to Invest in Stock Market – https://youtu.be/SZYPpoYsf9s

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