I believed that most of the readers knows what is going on with MPI and MWC. This companies are connected to the water concessionaire in Manila which was lambasted by the President Duterte due to the onerous clause in the contract with the government. Since then, the value of MWC begins to fall down from Average of 20 to 6 at PSE closing today.

Trade prices of MWC today has a high of 9.3 and Low of 5.01, it shall be noticed that before the trading closed today, the value of the stock rise from 5.01 to 6. I have reason to believe that it will bounce back tomorrow, December 18, 2020.

But of course in all our trading we need to have our Risk-Reward Ratio, I still believe that this stock can have a high potential not unless DOJ will really tell that they will not consider negotiating with this company.

It shall also be noticed, that this companies have given their intention to talk to the government with reference to the onerous clause that the president is telling, even they are still in the contract to the government.

On the other hand MPI is showing a moving up on its price. It has a 4.9% increase today after speech of Manny Pangilinan that it is not giving up on their Water Company (Maynilad).

As of Dec 17, 2019

So are you betting on this stock? or you still have to wait?