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So are you looking for ways on how to learn about BITCOIN? A company named Ensino Institute Inc will be having its Bitcoin Seminar.

  • When: Sept 23, 2017
  • What Time: 2:00 PM
  • Where: Max Restaurant, Capitolyo, Pasig City.

This event will give you an idea about Bitcoin and how to earn from it. Of course, it includes learning it’s RISK. They will give lots of information about the bitcoin and how to trade and own it, You will for sure be able to understand terminology such as Block Chain, BTC Wallet, Cryptocurrency and more. This is a paid seminar and if you are early getting your reservation you can get discounts. I have been told that speaker is very well known in the industry and for sure you will learn a lot from him. I will soon post more information about this seminar.

Just for your information Bitcoin is now trading at Php 225,520 / 1 Bitcoin as of this writing. I also posted some information in Tagalog Language:

Ensino Institute Inc. is a registered Philippine Company who aims to educate Filipinos on the high yield portfolio such as Cryptocurrency and Forex Market.

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Disclaimer: I  work with Ensino Institute Inc.